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Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance in the world and with good reason. The benefits are immense and everyone wants to make sure that their loved ones after taken care of long after the policyholder is gone.

Life insurance gives an influx of cash when dealing with financial problems that often come with one’s passing. The tax perks are great as the death benefits are usually free of income tax to the beneficiary. They may also be estate tax free if the policy is properly owned. Policy loans are income tax free and the life insurance policy can be exchanged for another life insurance policy without having recurring taxation. Life insurance policies provide advantages with how flexible they are.

At WEFCI; we will work with you and adjust to your needs. Should the death benefit need to be lowered or the premiums need to be reduced, increased, or skipped we will be more than happy to assist you.



life insurance

Term life insurance comes highly recommended as it is inexpensive, and allows for temporary coverage that is also flexible. You will be insured for a certain amount of time and the policy is fully guaranteed during the entire term. Should you pass away during the term stated in your policy your beneficiaries will eligible for a tax free payment. We also offer you the option to convert your term policy into permanent insurance regardless of whatever changes to your lifestyle, healthy, or occupation.

We recommend term insurance for people who are looking for both value and affordability as well as being in need for protection temporarily.


life insurance

Whole Life Insurance includes both elements of investment as well as insurance premiums. When the policy holder passes away, a predetermined amount shall be paid out. The investment aspect of the policy builds a cash value that the policy holder can withdraw or borrow against.

This type of insurance provides the holder of the policy a chance to accumulate wealth as the insurance costs become covered by the premium payments. This policy protects the individual for the duration of their entire life. Make sure you contact us should you have any questions or need additional info.


life insurance

Universal Life Insurance is a recommended type of permanent life insurance that is highly flexible. It provides many more options than whole life insurance. It comes with term life insurance protection (at a low cost) that also includes an element of savings which can provide a cash value. The policy may be changed and reviewed should the holder of the policy come across a change of circumstance.

Universal life insurance provides a great benefit to the policy holder in that they are able to use interest from the savings to help pay premiums over a period of time. Contact us today for more information as our staff will be more than happy to help you.


The Accidental Death benefit provides for the payment of a sum of money if the insured person dies as the result of an accident. The death benefit amount, paid to the beneficiary, is tax-free and is provided in a lump sum. By accidental death we mean: an unforeseen, unexpected and undesirable incident, resulting in the life insured’s death. There are exclusions to this benefit that are listed in the policy.


We have a wide range of permanent insurance options based on how much insurance you require, your age, as well as health that will insure that all of your funeral expenses will be taken care of.

No one wants to leave their family with surprise expenses when they are gone. Making sure everything is taken care of in advance of this moment will be a wonderful parting gift for your family.


Our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan is for those who want to leave some financial benefits to their family and loved ones. Premiums stay the same and coverage never decreases. Best of all, acceptance is guaranteed for Canadian citizens and permanent residents between the ages of 50 and 75, with no medical exam or health questions.

The premiums never change and the coverage does not get lowered. If you’re a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident between 50 years old and 75 years old your permanent life insurance is accepted without the need for any health or medical questions.

Contact us for more details.


Our Mortgage Insurance is ideal for many potential homeowners as it is required in Canada for any down payments that are between 5% and 19.99%. This insurance is popular due to the fact that it protects the lender should a borrower cease to make payments or default on the loan. This insurance is very helpful for potential homeowners as it allows them to have a better chance at the real estate market because without this type of insurance being available mortgage rates would be higher as the chances of defaulting on a loan would greatly increase. This insurance allows the lenders to offer lower rates since they have protection as the risk of a defaulted loan is passed onto the mortgage insurer.


Our Joint Life Insurance gives you the chance to insure that both you and your spouse are covered under the same contract. This plane offers a variety of benefits for the both of you and make sure that the rest of your family is taken care of when one of you are gone.

When deciding which policy is best for you, the both of you will need to look at the pros and cons and decide which is best. At Carte Risk Management Inc. our staff are more than happy to help explain the different policies in order to come with the ideal insurance plan for you and your loved one.

Contact us today for more information.