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Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

An account that is used for investment assets and holding savings RRSP’s have many kinds of advantages when it comes to taxes. As long as they fall within the guidelines of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Mutual funds, income trusts, mortgage loans, bonds, and savings accounts are all approved assets. RRSP rules will determine the max contributions, allowable assets, and the converting of the account to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) at age seventy-one.

RRSP Mutual Fund Account

RRSP’s are great for those looking for a big opportunity to save for retirement. Public pension plans such as Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security provide a maximum of $20,000 to anyone 65 and up. Someone can contribute up to eighteen percent of their income to a max of $25,000 from the tax year of 2016.

The growth you get from investments from an RRSP are all tax deferred to you don’t have to pay the tax immediately. You only have to pay taxes when you withdraw money from the plan. Contact us today for more information and we will gladly help you.

RRSP Guaranteed Investment Account

A guaranteed investment is a fantastic asset to have as it gives you the growth of a GIC as well as the tax benefits that come with an RSP. You also get one of the best interest rates on the market as well as no service charges or fees. When getting a guaranteed investment with Carte Wealth Management Inc. your savings from retirement have the chance to be secure, stay safe, and grow. We also don’t believe in minimum balances so you’ll be sure to get the same great rate on every single dollar you have in your account.

RRSP High Networth Portfolio

For people who’s assets are great than a million dollars (often defined as holding financial assets) Carte Wealth Management Inc. will take care of all of your high net worth portfolio needs.

Your Investment Advisor may also recommend a wide range of strategies to help diversify your portfolio to ensure it maintains its high value. Some things our investment advisors can make sure are being taken care of are to:

– Ensure that your investments from hedge fund products are in prime position to generate strong returns in the long term, regardless of market direction.

– Minimize any risk from exchange rates through the use of foreign exchange futures.

– Commodity futures are looked over by strong risk management.

RRSP Seg Funds Account

A Seg fund is a mutual fund with insurance guarantees. Seg funds are a valuable planning tool, and they may have something to offer business owners who want to protect investment assets from creditors. But using them as the building blocks of a diversified, mainstream investment portfolio makes little sense. Here at WEFCI we can help set you up with the best seg fund options to ensure that your money grows at a steady rate Give us a call today and we can sit down with you and review the best strategy to grow and diversify your RRSP Seg Fund Portfolio.

RRSP Savings Account

Get a great rate on your retirement savings. With a Carte Wealth Management RRSP Savings Account, you can lower your taxes and get the RRSP growing at one of the finest savings rates in the country. You can even have deposits on the regular so you aren’t rushing towards the end of the year to make your contribution. There are no fees as long as you are with Carte Wealth Management Inc.

– Features at a glance:

– Great rate

– Flexibility

– No fees or service charges while you save with us

– Automatic Savings Program