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Travel Insurance

One of the big benefits of travel insurance is that it covers you should you become sick or get injured during your vacation. They are crucial in covering the cost of visiting the doctor or getting hospitalized. Travel plans also cover prescription medications as long as your condition is covered by the policy, the medicine will be as well.

Should you suffer a serious illness or injury and need to be medically evacuated your policy usually pays for an economy round trip ticket for a family member to be with you for a short period of time. Here at WEFCI; we make sure to give you the best travel insurance possible, and have a wide range of policies to best suit your needs. While we have plenty of information throughout our website, feel free to contact us should you have any further questions as we would be more than happy to help you.

If you’re about to embark on vacation and are looking for a policy that will cover both the cost of travel and health then you should look into getting travel insurance. This insurance covers inconveniences such as lost luggage, medical evacuation, and illness.



out of province

This insurance package is wonderful for those who are seventy-five and older and going on a trip that lasts up to two months (sixty days). We also provide multi-coverage plans for those who are sixty-five and up. This plan is great for those who want unlimited coverage for applicable medical expenses that aren’t covered by your personal government health insurance plan.

It also provides benefits for coverage for those trips that are non-refundable or expenses that accumulate from a trip cancellation/interruption. Along with coverage for death/accidents during the trip, we encourage all of our clients who plan on traveling to look into this policy.

Should you have any questions or need more information give us a call today and we will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.


visitor insurance

When you go on vacation you want it to be as stress free as possible, so why not choose the best travel package to make sure that you are covered every step of the way so you and your loved ones can enjoy your trip without any worries.

WEFCI travel insurance package provides excellent emergency medical coverage. It also protects you from trip cancellation/interruption, loss/damaged baggage and of personal items as well as baggage delay and flight and travel accidental coverage.


Whether you’re just visiting, or planning on making Canada your new home, we are here to help provide for your emergency medical needs while in the country.Plans that provides you uninterrupted coverage for emergency medical expenses in Canada.

Our simple, online application makes it easy for you to buy the coverage you need. We have various plans catered from different companies to suite your requirement and budget.


Are you an international student studying in Canada or a Canadian student studying full-time in another province or outside of Canada?

Your government health plan may not cover all – or any – of your medical expenses when you are studying away from home. And while routine, basic medical services can add up quickly, emergency medical expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars. Further, most post-secondary schools require that you have a medical insurance plan before classes begin.

We offer simple, affordable solution, protecting you against the cost of both emergency and non-emergency medical expenses.