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We, at WEFCI are a committed, client-focused group that understands that every individual is different and therefore, every individuals financial goals are also unique. With decades of service and experience behind us, our goal is to ensure your wealth for generations.


Our goal is to create stability and prosperity in the lives of our clients and colleagues; To foster an inclusive environment full of opportunities and serve local communities and beyond.


With years of experience and knowledge, our team is pledge to provide a service that transcends all your expectations.


Risk Management

Risk Management Meeting the needs of our clients’ risk management and estate planning objectives often involves the use of insurance products. We ideally positioned ourselves to search the market from various companies for the best product for our client that suits their needs.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management When you use the money you have (your principal) to purchase assets that have the ability to increase in value you are investing. Over time you will accumulate these assets such as mutual funds, bonds, or stocks and you will see that your financial security and net worth will have grown during this […]

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Our Financial Planning Process comprises of five elements; cash flow management, risk management, tax planning management, investment planning management and estate planning management. During the process of financial planning, each component must be properly addressed.